Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vono Mattress

Speaking of mattress, Chinese New year is round the corner and it's the peak season for the selling furnitures. Vono, you may not have heard of this brand of Mattress. But you must have heard of Slumberland. Vono is in fact a lower range of mattresses produced in the same plants with similar technologies as Slumberland. So in a way, it's a poor-man Slumberland like Rolex vs Tudor. Different positioning, different brand and this is how we can avoid dilution of our core brand. The last thing we want to have is a brand that represents high price, low price, high-tech, low-tech, for kids, for adults, for the rich, for the poor, all at the same time. Don't have the money to start another brand ? That's your problem. Using your premium brand to sell lower-range products may be profitable in the short-run but it's a strategy proven unprofitable in the long-run.

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